Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Heat Induced Amnesia

My brain appears to be disturbingly affected by the heat. I've lost whole days. Ask me what I did this weekend and I will tell you--with a slight note of panic--that I don't know. Somewhere in there I'm pretty sure I walked the dogs, read a book or two, ate food, tossed and turned instead of slept...but I have no concrete recollections; it's all based on routine, not fact.

I know Monday was fraught with errands and tasks, and three trips up and down the mountain in 100* temps.  I had to fill the bird baths twice--morning and evening--because the water just evaporated, and vaguely remember watering the garden late at night under the stars, the air so hot and humid I felt lightheaded by the time I was finished.  But a clear memory of the day?  Nope.

Yesterday I worked on the Dark Wind serial sitting on the cool tiles of the kitchen floor with a dog on either side of me, a big box fan blowing a sirocco breeze over us.  The dogs crunched ice cubes and I sucked down glass after glass of iced tea as my fingers madly tapped the keyboard.  Eventually my butt got sore, the dogs got bored and I had to stop for the day, but at least I wrote a solid chunk and hope to finish the latest installment this week.

Well...assuming my HIA disorder doesn't continue and I forget where I left the plot, the characters, my mind.


  1. I think this summer has seemed like a whirlwind thus far. It's went by so fast!! I think I am suffering from some of that amnesia myself :)

    1. It's really hard to believe that Friday is the first of August already, isn't it? Not only do I question where the Summer has gone, but...what did I do with it? And wow, I'd be totally hard-pressed to write that ubiquitous school essay on "How I Spent My Summer Vacation." ;D

  2. Y'know, some like it hot, but some sweat when the heat is on...;p

    I'm excited to see you've got another installment. There might be something out of Marrakesh percolating within the walls of my skull.

    1. I'd love to be sweating for a "good" reason...;D

      The story is ready to post now, but I always seem to find a better way to say something if I let the words rest for a bit.

      Yippee, I'm ready for a Marrakesh tale. It's been awhile.