The 52s...First Half

In the event, dear reader, you're just tuning in, the purpose of this page is to post something new, hopefully adventurous, for each and every week in 2013--my version of a New Year's resolution.  I decided to do this after reading an article about two women who are writing a book about their experiences  in getting out of the "is this all there is?" rut.  I loved the idea.  Living on a mountain is one thing; isolation is an entirely different matter.

I will make every attempt possible not to miss a single week.  I would love to reach that last week between Christmas and New Year's and see a long line of 52 weeks listed below.  How cool would that be?  Very.

So, here I go.  My Weeks of the 52s...

Week 1 - Black & White                                            Week 2 - Cafe du Monde

Week 3 - T'ai Chi Ch'uan                                                    Week 4 - Charley's

Week 5 - A Little Road Trip                                         Week 6 - Arts Center
Week 7 - The Wait                                                                 Week 8 - Limoncello

Week 9 - Dismay and Delight                                           Week 10 - Lame Perhaps

Week 12 - Gone South                                                Week 12.5 - Bit Hasty

Week 13 - The Wild                                                   Week 14 - Dog Biscuits     

Week 15 - Proof                                                                  Week 16 - Bit of Solace

Week 17 - Wildflowers                                                       Week 18 - Naan
Week 19 - On The Wall                                                       Week 20 - Got It Covered

Week 21 -The Outline                                                     Week 22 - Lemony Goodness

Week 23 - Saturday Market                                          Week 24 - Into The Wild

Week 25 -  Pastry Tart                                                    Week 26 -  The Painted Lady


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