Monday, July 13, 2015

Midsummer Madness

I think it pretty much goes without saying that my blog posts have been very hit or miss lately.  And it's not just because of Nick's presence in my life, but the load of work I've been doing around the house this Summer.  And truly, without his help, I would have long been overwhelmed by now and probably not be posting on the blog until Hallowe'en.

I've spent the last week or so trying not to have a meltdown in the heat and humidity, whilst still making some kind of effort to power wash both decks and the gutters.  I'm going to forget staining the decks--that hasn't worked and I'm tired of endlessly doing the same work over and over every damn Summer--so I'm going to try the Deck Over stuff which is sort of like paint and stain in one application.  The only bad thing is, the decks have to be super clean and any defects have to be fixed beforehand.  I have a few boards that will need to be replaced--according to Nick.  Frankly, I would just leave it, but he's too professional for that.  In the long run, I can see his point, but while my brain fries in the relentless heat, I find myself not giving a tinker's damn.

There are some splits in the gutters at three corner joints which have to be washed, wirebrushed and cleaned before I can apply the sealant, then the fascia boards will have to be sanded and repainted because the dripping rain (what rain??) has bubbled the paint under the eaves. Thankfully, the gutters that need fixing are easily accessible.  With no shade from the nuclear orb, I've been forced to work in the early or late parts of the day which means that project is dragging on and on.

And I'm still forging ahead with The Purge, though that's going much slower than I expected.  I mean, really, how hard is it to sort through closets, drawers and cupboards?  Very hard, as it turns out. When I finally get a good bunch of boxes and bags filled and stuffed into the car, I have to haul everything to the Goodwill.  The other day it was close to 100* and no one was manning the area where you drop stuff off, so not only did I have to load the crap, I had to unload it too.  A big bonfire in the backyard would work for me about now...except for the drought and fire danger.

Working while sweat pours down my face, soaks my shirt and makes me cranky is becoming normal these days--and totally not something I'm happy about.  Each task seems to take longer and be fraught with problems, shorting out my temper--and the will to live--while I dream of cooler days, chilly nights, flannel shirts and jeans.

Ah well...this too shall pass.  Right?


  1. It'll definitely pass but I can imagine it's no fun at all. We didn't quite reach 100° (we're supposed to get close this Friday) but I know how the heat keeps you from doing anything really. You just want to stay in front of an airconditioner. And that would make me cranky, too. I hope the heat will finally stop so you can enjoy your days much more. You did get a lot done in that heat though!
    Have a great, cooler rest of the week! :)
    Hugs to you!

    1. I think my heat issues must stem from being born in Alaska. Anything over 75* and I lose the plot. Or maybe it's just that this Summer the temps have been exceptionally high and I have an overload of work to accomplish. Either way...can't wait for Fall.

      And hey, thanks for the hugs...I'll take all I can get... ;D

  2. Here's another hug, and a chuckle -- being raised in the tropics, anything under 75F makes me run for a sweater and fuzzy socks. :) I grew up without air conditioning, though, so my blood's pretty thin.

    Remember to keep hydrated while you work -- most important thing you can do on hot days. I keep two bottles of tea and water in the fridge at all times during the summer months. Also, wearing a hat outdoors can help prevent heat exhaustion.

    1. Thanks for the tips on keeping cool, though wish you had one for an effective rain dance... ;D

      102* on Saturday, 103* yesterday. Humidity so dense I spent most of the weekend trying not to drown whilst breathing. Woo hoo, having some fun now...