Thursday, October 29, 2015

Hunt and Peck...

...or how to type with two fingers whilst right shoulder is in a sling.  Yes, peeps, I managed to torque my shoulder, didn't take care of it properly and now can barely use my arm.  Many tears, hours of lost sleep and a very bad attitude have prevailed until I finally accepted the fact that if I don't stop abusing my arm/shoulder, I could end up in serious trouble, so...pain pills, an uncomfortable sling and an attitude adjustment were in order.

And this all started with a simple chore, one I've done dozens of times...

I have a very large palm tree that needs to be lifted into the kitchen sink to be watered.  About ten days ago I hauled the thing to the kitchen, watered, then couldn't get it out of the sink.  Several muscle-crunching minutes later, I get a grip, lift with all my strength and as I'm hoisting the plant, I feel this sort of popping, tearing sensation, followed by a burning blade being shoved into my shoulder.  I stagger across the kitchen, plop the palm into it's place and hop around for awhile trying to rub away the pain that is radiating from my shoulder to my fingers.

Over that week I washed the car, hauled a load of heavy stuff to the Goodwill, even carved two pumpkins, each task making my shoulder hurt more until this week I thought ripping the thing off and getting an artificial limb was a most excellent idea--anything to stop the agony.

So today I gave up--about a week too late, but still, better late than never.  And now Nick can stop badgering me to take care of myself.


After I carved the punkins last weekend, Nick rigged LED lights that make one glow bright red (weirdly, the red doesn't work with my camera), while the other shines blue.  They look really cool at night in the pitch dark.

Happy Hallowe'en !!!


I know I've been horrible about posting lately.  Well, more than for months, but I had a great deal of crucial and necessary house/garden work to do this year, during one of the worst Summers of all time--drought, humidity and forest fires.

I'm feeling pretty good about crossing almost everything off the list I started in May, though whilst in the middle of things, I really just wanted to get in my car and drive away.  Forever.


Okay, my two fingers are getting tired and my shoulder hurts, so I'm going to take another pain pill, make a nice cuppa, and sit down for awhile to rest my bones.

Don't forget in all the excitement of parties and trick or treating and woo hoo it's Hallowe'en that Standard Time begins on Sunday, peeps.  Buggers...


  1. I too have been bad about posting. Life happens. Hope your shoulder gets better.

    1. Lots of us seem to have taken the Summer off from posting...busy times, I guess.
      I hope the shoulder gets better too. I've got things to do and one-armed doesn't work very well... ;D

    2. Keep creative, guys ;-) and rest your weary body, Terlee...

    3. With most of my Summer chores done now, and the weather shifting into Winter, I should find more time to write. In theory at least... ;D
      Not good at sitting still, but I'm trying!