Saturday, March 15, 2014

Lost In Space

I've lost my brain...well, more specifically, it appears I've lost whatever fuels my creativity and imagination.  Seriously.  Gone baby gone.  I've started to write three separate short stories this month, and discarded two within a day or so after struggling to make them work; I'm not into making things hard on myself these days--life's just too damn short.  My third idea is the one I mentioned a while back that would probably take six installments to tell the story, and I'm fine with that.  In a twisted, torturous way I miss the serial angst from last year.

Except, though this new tale has promise, I'm having some issues with the heroine's reasons to be on the run.  Strangely, I already know who the bad guy is, and how the story ends.  It's just...I just can''s not...


And now we're back to the beginning.  I've lost the plot.  My thoughts drift like smoke with nary a spark of imagery, illusion or inspiration. (Though, drat, it appears I'm having no trouble with alliteration).

Perhaps, just maybe, this third story also isn't worthy, hence why I've been stewing and fretting and not getting on with it. Maybe I should just write a story about not being able to write a---


I think the pilot light just flickered...


  1. Either that or stop trying so fucking hard and maybe the words will come all on there own. Weirder things have happened.

    1. Easy for you to say...

      And it's not so much about trying or the lack's more like there's no water in the well.

  2. The well can and will run dry on you now and then; it's the nature of the beast. Don't beat yourself up but take some time to prime it with something you love that has nothing to do with writing. The words will come back. :)

    1. Thanks, Lynn. The worst part of "dry-well syndrome" is that scary moment when you I done, tapped out for good? Apparently I need a holiday more than I thought... ;D