Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy Spring!!

In my little corner of the world, it's a beautiful, sunny day though the breeze is still a bit chilly. Walking along the river this morning I could almost feel the shift of the seasons. Winter's cold breath touched my neck, sending shivers down my spine, but I lifted my face to the sun's warmth, smiled at all the buds and flowers growing everywhere, and laughed at the exuberant dashing and darting of two happy wee dogs.

There's a sense of accomplishment in surviving Winter, isn't there?  A certain smugness, that somehow, against the odds, we're on the other side and still standing.  We might be slightly worn around the edges, even a bit worse for wear, but we made it, dear readers. Winter is officially over and the first day of Spring has arrived...


  1. It sure has...but it's cold in Toronto today. Get lost winter!!

    1. Even though it's supposed to be Spring, it will take some more weeks of crap weather I think before it feels true...specially where you are. But, it's coming, Ang, really!! ;D