Saturday, October 4, 2014

Fires, Photos and Blank Walls

Late in the afternoon yesterday, as I finished up my huge pile of paperwork and filing, the familiar taint of smoke began to permeate the air, though this time I looked out the windows first before I jumped to the conclusion the house was on fire.

Digress:  Earlier in the morning as I opened the blinds, the view of the mountains and clouds just struck me as such a lovely thing to see at the beginning of my day that I couldn't resist taking a photo.

Early morning across the valley...

Then, late afternoon, smoke strong and irritating in my nose, I took this shot:

Pretty amazing difference, isn't it?  Sadly, this fire was set by a human. On purpose.

On the first of October, farmers are allowed to burn their fields--a practice I am wholeheartedly opposed to--so, regardless of the drought, the air quality or tinder dry foliage, these fires are legal. However, this one got out of control.  It raged all afternoon and into the evening, the sound of sirens echoing for hours as several community fire stations around the valley tried to contain the blaze.

Today things are a bit hazy, but at least I can see the mountains again. Until the next farmer torches his land.


And speaking of amazing differences...

Last night I was prowling the internet--having just finished one book and not ready to start the next--when I clicked on the Bored Panda site and found this: Before and After photos of 12 places around the globe, shots taken in the height of Summer and the glory of Autumn.  Truly worth checking out, peeps.  The photographs of the seasonal changes are stunning.


I procrastinated a bit yesterday and though I only had four things left on my nightmare To Do list, I just managed to finish two before I said enough. So, because the fairies didn't come in the night to help, I'm off to mow the lawn now before it gets too hot.  Yes, too hot. Close to 90* today.  In October.  **sigh**  

But then I'm going to hang my pictures, which will be cool and fun.  I have a series of black and white photos and a blank wall.  Perfect canvas that I can't wait to "paint"...


  1. It was hot here too today for October. Sixty-two. Sixty-two! After a morning low of thirty-one. I felt kind of dumb for wearing a thermal under my t-shirt and craved lemonade.

    1. Still in my flip flops and Hawaiian shirts...and had two glasses of raspberry lemonade this afternoon. Apparently the rumors I heard about the Gates closing was a big fat lie...