Saturday, July 20, 2013

Week 29 of the 52s...Anything Goes

Last night was the reception for the Annual Membership Show at the Arts Center.  Being an "open" exhibit--the works aren't juried or judged--means anything is accepted.  The only criteria: the artists must be members of the Umpqua Valley Arts Association.

It was a very eclectic show, from wood to textiles, oils to watercolors, pottery to sculpture.  Here are a select few that caught my eye...

This oil painting was gloomy and mysterious and really beautiful in person.  Regrettably my photo doesn't do it justice.

Living History by Judy Nigh

Lovely watercolor, especially without the overhead spotlights glaring onto the glass.
Pelican Wall by Renee Richardson

A very cool piece, though not being a Viking myself, I have absolutely no idea what the significance is in the coiled snake thing on the top.
Vikings Rule by Marie Rasmussen

I loved this.  Perfectly folded pages, crisp and sculptured.

Wave of Thought by Gabriel Harrington

When I came around a corner and saw this little wooden carving, I smiled.  And then I read the name of the piece and laughed out loud.

Iggy the Lion Hunter by Byron Vosika

This was food for thought.

One Crazy Hour by Richard Worthy

So whimsical and charming.  Something for the Mad Hatter's Tea Party, for sure.

Tea Pot by Cheryl Weese

I've seen this artist's work in previous shows; every time I'm in awe of her skill with clay.

Pod #3 by Laurie Morris

This small textile was done on silk, which I know from experience is a most difficult medium to work with.  Her stitches were perfect, as is the name of the piece.

Walkabout by Sally Zehrung

It never ceases to amaze me when I wander from room to room at these exhibits and see the work on display, marvel at the cleverness and talent of the artists.  Even in the smallest town, in the middle of nowhere, art is alive and well...especially when anything goes.


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    1. It was really cute...and would totally fit at the Hatter's party.