Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Colors of Change

Along the river walk this morning

I love this:  Poetic, evocative, the words still echo down the long centuries. And that first line?  Plots and stories swirl in my head...

A good season for staying is autumn,
there is work then for everyone before the 
very short days.

Dappled fawns from amongst the hinds,
the red clumps of the bracken shelter them;
stags run from the knolls at the belling of 
the deer herd.

Sweet acorns in the wide woods,
stubble around the wheatfields over the expanse 
of brown earth.

There are thornbushes and prickly brambles
by the midst of the ruined court;
the hard ground is covered with heavy fruit.
Hazelnuts of good crop fall from the huge old
   trees on dykes.

                                                     Irish, Eleventh Century

Yes, I love this, but I love even more that it's the first day of Autumn...


  1. I celebrated a little early by making a big pot of bean soup on Sunday. The family gobbled it up so fast it was all gone by Monday night!

    1. Sundays are my favorite for having things simmering all day, filling the house with anticipation. I'm already thinking of chili and cornbread, Irish stew and biscuits, chicken and dumplings. Oh, the drool... ;D