Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Magpie Tales 162...Heaven and Hell

Between Heaven and Hell, 1989 by Jacek Yerka 

It began with the apple
He said, cooking
his egg,
Women were Man's downfall
She said, eating
her oatmeal,
Men took no responsibility
Words flew, heating
in debate,
Around the breakfast table
He raved, then
stormed outside
Swirling black clouds calling
She sighed, then
walked quietly
Into the peaceful garden
Opposites attract, but
equally repel
Constant heaven and hell
He said, later
I'm sorry
and pulled her close
She said, softly
I'm sorry
and held him tight
They ate the apple together
In Magpie Tales this week, there's so much stuff in this painting, I didn't quite know what to focus on.  The apple caught my eye, the Adam and Eve drawing in the corner, the opposing views out the door/window and then the two different meals, seemingly abandoned.


  1. A perfect story for the painting!

  2. Oh-oh! There's that troublesome apple again! Nice write ...

    1. Totally. Would that history could be rewritten somehow. ;D

      Thanks for reading...

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you. As I mentioned, there was just so much to see in the painting, but finally a few clues popped out and there it was, the wee story.

  4. Whilst far from being a fundamentalist (I was raised Anglican/Baptist but matured into a woman who now respects, embraces and marvels at all human faith) I am convinced that Adam and Eve truly are at the core of this painting's message. I think your tale is an authentic, modern day twist on the essence of the struggle between these two biblical figures. Whilst many say that Eve was "blamed" for it all and feminists rebuke this injustice - I feel that Adam (Man) is always compelled to love a woman and allow her to "get away with murder" because that what's puts the eternal into eternity... our bond is forever - whether we're getting along or not! Love it! Thank you! xx

    1. I think I agree about the core message, though the title of the piece might mean something else to the artist. Having been in a relationship with an "opposite" there were most definitely times of heaven...and hell.

      Being a Buddhist, I don't actually have a view on western religion anymore, though back in the day, I always struggled with the "it's all Eve's fault" mentality.

  5. "Opposites attract, but
    equally repel..."

    A mantra explanation I've used when talking about my doomed marriage to my daughter's mother. Nicely done.

    1. Thanks...and having learned from experience, I would much rather be with a kindred spirit than another opposite. Way too much work involved. ;p