Friday, March 20, 2015

Stitches, Spring and Sighs

Well, that was the most boring and blurry ten days I've ever spent.  What do you do when every blink smears a Vaseline-like haze over your vision?  I couldn't read, write or watch TV, though I listened to my usual shows and a few audio books, imagining the scenes and characters.  When severe stir craziness set in, I made the font on my Kindle gigantic (about twenty words per page) and read until the gauzy obscurity forced me to give up.

But all the aggro and ice packs and ointment rubs have paid off.  I got the stitches out just an hour ago and the doctor said I recovered faster than anyone she's operated on.  Woo hoo.  Hope that means the scars will dim and in another month when I go back for the final check, I'll look good as new.  As opposed to now, where I still look like Sally...


Happy first day of Spring, peeps!   Night and day are equal on this day and Winter is officially over, though the weather might not reflect that wherever you live.  Here, in southern Oregon, it's been too warm, too soon, with hardly a drop of rain to speak of in months.  I can't imagine what Summer will be like this year, in yet another long season of drought, especially as the rivers right now are at July levels, which doesn't bode well either.

And I heard the other day that California will be out of water in less than a year if they don't get rain. Think about that...a state the size and population of California, without water.  And that's before the Santa Ana winds and firestorms begin raging, requiring copious amounts of water to fight off the infernos.

My dreams are already tugging me north, calling me home:  Alaska, the land of ice and snow...


Ozzy's doing okay, though he had a terrible episode the other day that I thought was definitely going to finish him off.  Somehow he manages to come back from the brink and carry on, but I'm not sure how. Though his spells are horrific, otherwise he's doing fine.  He eats really well, plays with his toys, wants to take his walks and isn't in any kind of pain.  If it weren't for his failing heart, he'd be good.



So, come Monday, it's back to business as usual now that I'm able to see again.  There are a multitude of chores and errands that have been on hold since last week, books are calling my name, and I have the next chapter in my story to write.

Guess I'd better enjoy the weekend then...


  1. Oh, friend. Glad things are brighter and clearer in your world. Things can only get better...hang in there.

    1. Thanks,'s pretty cool to have my full range of sight back, for sure.