Friday, March 13, 2015

Dubious Claim To Fame

You know how there are people who resemble movie stars and other famous characters?  I realized this week, what with the stitches and stuff, that I am one of those folks.

I've got a call in to Tim Burton...

I don't feel half-bad today. The swelling has gone down a lot, although that's also exposing the true magnitude of the stitches, clearly making me look like *Sally, but all things considered...I'm way, way better than a few days ago.

Wish I could say the same for the Oz-man.  He's had two spells this week, so they're coming faster and lasting longer.  And are terrible to witness.  As I'm in no shape to deal with the Big Decision right now, I'm giving him lots of cuddles and treats while I hope he's got more grains of sand left in his hourglass.

I'm still having trouble reading and writing.  Not because of the surgery now, but due to the ointment I have to use on the stitches.  It melts with my body heat and oozes down into my lashes, which blurs my vision.  I had the stupid idea that I was going to lounge about for several days of my recovery reading voraciously.  Should've known that plan was too good to be true.

And speaking of blurry, I just blinked and now can't see what I'm typing, so...

Have a great weekend, peeps...


* Nightmare Before Christmas


  1. You'll never be ready for that moment, no matter what. That's just the way of it. :(

    You said idea, but I bet you meant plan. Silly lass, have I taught you nothing? ;p

  2. I've never been a good Grasshopper... ;D

  3. AUDIOBOOKS! (I wrote that in Caps so you could see it better.)