Friday, May 1, 2015

A Smudge, A Sniffle and a Sigh

I got up at dawn this morning to rejuvenate my house, car and landscape.  It was a cool, clear start to the day, just a few birds beginning to stir as the sun began to rise over the mountains.

I've been pondering which of my six smudge sticks to use, then decided last night on the Four Winds since I was covering lots of ground--literally and spiritually--and needed all the help I could get.

Four Winds: Copal, Lavender, Sweetgrass, White Sage...

The smoke was thick and fragrant, the sweet aroma drifting through the air with the movements of my beautiful hawk feather (found long ago on a hike in the Painted Desert of Arizona).  The heady scent reminds me of an early Spring morning in the pristine red rock country around Santa Fe.

After doing the four corners of my property, I stood on the deck as the sun rose behind me and sent messages to Alan and Ozzy, my dad and nephew.  I shed a tear, but more in gratitude that I loved them and have been blessed to know them in this lifetime.

Then I made my way inside where I cleansed every room, imagined the darkness being blown away by the smoke, to be replaced with light and joy.  I can still smell the faint whisper of the blend in the house.  It's calming and reassuring, familiar and warm.

When the ritual was finished, I honestly felt lighter, more accepting of things, and so utterly glad that I lived through yet another demonic April.  I'll still have moments of pain--only human after all--but now my sad, deep sighs will slowly turn into refreshing and hopeful deep breaths as the days pass.

It's all good.

Happy May Day, dear readers.  Blessings...

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