Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Holiday Photos

Well, here I am at the hotel.  It's warm and sunny, palm trees are swaying in the gentle trade winds, the air is redolent with the heady scents of hibiscus and ginger.

The ocean whispers, beckoning me to the water's edge to sink my feet in the wet sand as the sea laps at my toes.  Here's the incredible view from my balcony...

Before I hit the beach and revel in the tropical mindset of slow and easy, I think I'll head to the tiki bar and order a lovely, cold umbrella drink from one of the yummy cabana boys I can see below, smiling at their customers as they deliver beverages beside the pool...

Such a wonderful holiday.  I'm so glad I was able to save up for it this year...


New dishwasher installed much for my holiday money....sigh.


  1. Ah....friend? It's pretty gorgeous! Nothing like a new appliance. I just bought a new vacuum yesterday. I'm kinda excited ;-) yeah, holidays are overrated...

    1. Nope, nothing like a new good thing I'd saved money for a holiday and could spend it on a dishwasher instead. Still...I love the bright, shiny new machine... ;D