Saturday, January 28, 2012

Flying High

Yesterday afternoon I was working on the book--doing revisions, changing a few things around--when I happened to glance out the windows that overlook the valley.  At first I thought I was seeing a Turkey Vulture, though it's a bit early for them to be back from their winter holiday in California.  Because it was such a large bird, I was curious to see what it was.  Grabbing the camera, I went outside to the back deck for a closer look.

I have to say, this was without question, the biggest hawk I've seen around here.  He was spiraling in ever-narrowing circles, his head down as he scanned the ground--no doubt searching for a tasty snack, or maybe an early dinner.  Trying to focus the camera, keep him in the center of the lens, and avoid a shot straight into the sun was challenging.  Then damn, just as I got a bead on the guy and snapped this one lone photo, he gave a piercing screech, folded his wings against his suddenly bullet-shaped body, and went into a supersonic dive deep into the trees below my vantage point.  This happened in a nanosecond, between one shutter click and the next. 

Yikes.  Makes me very glad I wasn't on the menu...

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