Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sweet Sunday

At last.  The Sunday I've been waiting for...

Only real detraction so far is the lack of snow and the expected storm.  I really wanted the weather people to get it right for a change, but this morning when I opened the blinds, there was just the barest dusting on the back deck. 

And from that same back deck this morning:  Can you see the mountain snow? Yeah, I know...hardly worth mentioning. And look at the Valley floor.   Not a snowflake to be seen.

Closer view...

Ah well, there still might be hope.  Right now--just past Noon--the clouds are rolling into the Valley, it's getting a bit darker, and I have every hope for a totally crap afternoon.  I was a bit worried my day would be ruined when the boys and I went down the mountain this morning and it was actually bright, warm sunshine and blue skies.

But now, the Irish stew is in the pot, stewing away, making the house feel cosy and comfortable.  The dogs and I will have lunch, then it will be time to settle on the couch, crack open that book--the one that's been staring at me, tempting me, for three days--and spend a lovely Sunday in another time and place.

OH!  Eureka...!!  It's snowing like crazy, the Valley has disappeared, and it's dark and gloomy. 

Same view as the first photo, above:

And even better...a blizzard of snow, getting worse as the minutes pass.  The wind is kicking in now too.  Most excellent.

Totally according to plan: my perfect Sunday.  Time for me to go and appreciate it.


  1. That's a pretty hill. We might be getting some of your storm here tomorrow. Not much, but a few inches is better than nothing.

  2. Bear Mountain, in the Coast Range. It's only about 3,200 ft, but you're right, it's pretty. It would be even prettier if they would stop logging the crap out of it.

    Weird weather this year. No rain, no snow. Just the infernal fog. Hope you get some snow in your neck o' the woods. Can't picture CO without it.