Sunday, January 29, 2012

Road Trip

Off the grid for the next few days.  I'm heading up north to hang with my sister, give the dogs a change of scenery as they reacquaint themselves with her Jack Russell, Cooper.  Chaos will ensue, but the three guys will be excited beyond doggy words to see each other again.  Dogs.  Life is so simple.  Food, butt sniffing, walks, naps.  We humans should be so lucky...excluding the butt sniffing part, of course.

Because it's a long, boring journey, mainly due to I-5 being one of the most nondescript, bland and monotonous highways ever laid down, I will be entertaining myself with a book on tape.  As corny as that seems, it beats trying to read while driving.  Seriously, there is absolutely nothing to see or do from Point A to Point B.  And if I get tired of the book tape, there's a contingency plan: I've loaded my MP3 with new songs and will scare the dogs senseless by singing the blues at the top of my lungs.

Ah, road trips.  You just gotta love 'em.

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