Friday, November 8, 2013

Week 45 of the 52s...One Hundred Miles

I didn't think I was going to make it this week for the 52s.  Maybe living is such a small town has finally caught up with me and I've run out of things to do, though being sick for a few days didn't help, the deer incident made it worse, and yesterday I had a...well, let's just say I had a crap day.  Whatever the reason, I realized this morning not only do I have nothing in mind, but I can't even muster the energy to come up with something.

Though, I'm also not a quitter and damn, I've made it almost one whole year and falling on my face at the finish line is not going to happen.  Over breakfast I toyed with the idea of driving to the coast; the ocean has always been able to soothe me and I could use a good dose of that about now, but I change my mind and decide to save that adventure for a weekend getaway some other time. 

So after walking the boys I opt for just driving with no destination.  I head east, away from town, traffic and my thoughts.  The road is winding and narrow, the forest gets wilder and more dense with every mile.  I begin to breathe deeper, relax into the comfort of my seat, let the Blazer lull me with the hum of tires, the quiet rhythm of the road.

Fifty miles later, I found myself at a spot along the narrow road where you could pull over beside the river.  It was intensely silent, other than the soft murmur of the water.  There was a bridge, and a marker for a trail to Wolf Creek.  One day I will go back, more prepared for a hike, and see what's out there in the wilderness, but for today, I was content to soak up the beauty and take some photos...

The lovely graceful arch of the bridge over the Little River...


I walked to the middle of the bridge just as the sun pierced through the clouds, lighting up this gnarly, moss-covered tree.  It was incredible... 

Downriver, and a gigantic log stuck in the center that looked like it had been there for a very long time...

Upriver on the far side, this huge boulder reminded me of a whale with its mouth open.  I don't know how the stone doesn't collapse with that big wedge missing...

Below the whale's mouth, I noticed this cave.  It looked really big and roomy, from what I could tell from across the river.  Sort of bear-like big...which means there was no way I was going to hike over and peer inside.  I'm fine with just taking the photos, thanks... 

The boys were getting restless about now and it was almost time for lunch, so after savoring the quiet for a few more minutes, I turned around at the Wolf Creek trailhead and made my way home. 

Just as I pulled into the driveway, the mileage rolled over to 100 miles for the journey.  I'm glad I took the spur-of-the-moment route this morning.  Not only do I love the adventure of a road trip, but discovering something unexpected and wonderful along the way was an added bonus.


  1. Wow! Judging by these images I'd say you stumbled upon middle earth! What magic. What utter magic. Nothing like the forests or bush of harsh Australia. I am a wee bit envious ... but that's ok isnt it :-) xx

    1. The deep forests of Oregon are very damp and mossy and ever so green. I get a wee bit envious at some of your shots of Perth, so we're even... ;D

  2. Replies
    1. was a very cool, sturdy little bridge. I loved that it was arched and not just a plain ol' straight shot across the river.

  3. And it's week 45? How are we almost saying farewell to 2013?

    1. I know, right? Seems like just the other day that I began this adventure...and now it's down to just a few weeks remaining.