Thursday, November 21, 2013

Week 47 of the 52s...Last Picture Show

The Art Center is currently showcasing the last artwork of the year.  In addition to the gift store, which is brimming with goodies for the holidays, the gallery exhibits filled every nook and cranny in the building...

30 Under 30 Exhibit

Sarah Fagan - "Apology"

This was really cool.  The shading and depth makes it look like the paper and boat are stuck on, rather than painted. 

Do you ever wonder about the story behind a title? 

Ashlea Clark - "A Most Peculiar Place"

No doubt.  What with a bowl full of glass eyeballs laying in a bed of gory stuff!  Each eye was really beautiful, and though the work itself was macabre, the skill the artist showed in her craft was amazing to see in person.  The bowl was like filigree, delicate and fragile.

Cameron Zegers - "Rowboats - Ngo Dong River"

This photograph was very beige, almost bland...except for the perfect shades of green inside the boats. 

The Gift Gallery

The gift shop was moved into the Red Galley for holiday shopping.  There was a great selection of wonderful gifts, though the sun was blazing through the windows so I only took a couple shots of a few quirky things and some lovely oriental pottery...

Peter Alsen, one of my favorite local artists.  His style is irreverent and whimsical and

These fish were soft and cuddly and totally silly...

A small table of oriental pottery.  There were several little vignette displays like this scattered throughout the gallery.  Made you think how good two, or maybe three, items might look grouped together for a gift.  Clever gallery people...

Now, to my favorite of the whole show:

Addicted To Instagram Exhibit

Michael James Lessner takes photographs using only the camera on his phone, then he uses archival pigment, making the simplest thing just so...beautiful.




Buggers, I forgot to get the name of this one!

The show is a great finale to the 2013 artistic season.  One of my first adventures in the 52s--Week 6--was to an exhibit at the Arts Center, so it seems fitting that one of my last would be there as well...

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