Friday, November 29, 2013

Week 48 of the 52s...The Grange

I got a call this morning from my friend Bunny, who lives further along the mountain road from my house.  She invited me to go with her and a few of her family members to the annual Christmas show at the Grange, down in the valley.  Unfortunately, I was just heading out with the boys for the morning walk, but after getting directions, I said I would try to meet up with her.
Course, the dogs were in dawdle mode so by the time I was finished with the walk, then drove out into the valley and found the place, Bunny and family were long gone.  Still, I've never been in a grange in my whole life, I'm a city girl, so this would be something new for sure.
Though the photo below doesn't show it, the parking lot was packed.  Turns out the Crafters Guild plans for this all year and it's a local kick-off the Christmas season event where most of the county will show up at some point between Friday and Sunday.

There were crafts of every make and model you could imagine.  I meant to take more photos, but got sidetracked by all the wonderful things to look at.  There was a small stage area so I took a moment for this quick shot, though it only shows a small portion of the room.  Way in the back there was the bakery area with Christmas candies and cookies and other temptations...

I had great conversations with some guild women, bought a few things, and had a really pleasant and far better Black Friday than most of the world, I'm sure.
My little snowman in a bird's nest.  He is adorable and I couldn't resist...

In the Seattle years, my BFF and I had a business together.  One of our best-sellers were fabric baskets like this.  I know just how difficult these are to make.  I loved the color and the tiny cording and the beautiful  Plus, I'm a basket person, you can never have enough of them...

I don't usually buy handmade soaps.  I know how to make my own, though for the most part I just use shower gels these days.  Except, this one guild member had the most amazing variety, I couldn't believe it.  The soap is made from her own herbs and from the milk of her own goats.  The smells were heady and fresh and unique.  I wish I had some way for you, dear readers, to smell the bar I bought because, frankly, I can't begin to describe it... a man, fresh out of the shower; or a mossy glade in the deep forest; or sunlight on warm skin.  Or all of that and more.  It's heavenly.

She had another soap I wish I'd bought, and I just might go back before Sunday.  It was called Earth and smelled like...that moment in Spring, when the ground is just warming and you dig in with your shovel to turn the soil for the first planting of the season.  It smelled like rich loam and green grass and promise.

One of the local Native American tribes had a beautiful booth, with leatherwork and Dreamcatchers and beaded items.  I saw several women carrying around tiny little baby moccasins which I heard are very sought after.  I love Dreamcatchers, though haven't had one since I came back to America.  This one seemed right and I will most likely hang it in the car.  It's small--only about 3" across--and will fit nicely with my other rearview mirror danglers.

Then.  I don't know what possessed me.  Well, wait.  Actually I do.  It was this sweet little woman, no bigger than a minute, with the most twinkling, mischievous eyes, like a tiny sparrow.  She's been making dolls, mostly Raggedy Annes, for nearly seventy years.  Yep, that's right, seventy years.  I think it's a family affair now--daughter, granddaughter--and she very proudly told me she will be 93 on her next birthday.  I loved her.  After talking with her, I just had to have one of the dolls...

Is this the cutest thing, or what?

She tea-dyed the fabric and the lace edging to make her look older and a bit worn.  But for me, it was the face.  And just look at the corkscrewed hair!  Too, too cute...

Every couple of years, Alan and I would leave Edinburgh behind and go down to London for Christmas.  We always had a great time wandering and shopping and eating our way through town.

Harrods has a Christmas teddy bear, different every year.  They are very beautiful, collectible creatures, and those times we went to London, Alan would buy me a Harrods bear for my Christmas present.

Why am I telling you this, dear readers?

Because my little Raggedy Anne has joined the Christmas bears...

What a great way to spend one of my least favorite days of the year.  I found some cool things, met some very interesting people, and did a really fun thing for this week in the 52s.

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