Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Wake Up, Little Suzy...

I think I'm suffering from an overdose of tryptophan.  Really.  Because if a body eats turkey for five straight days, the lethargic, loss of motivation, need frequent naps thing must kick in.  That's the only reason I can come up with for my total lack of give-a-shit.
The past few days have been very busy, though throughout all the shopping and appointments, inside/outside work, and daily life...it feels like I'm slogging knee-deep in molasses.  I was making the bed this morning and all I could think about was how great it's going to be to crawl back under that flannel duvet tonight. 

It's got to be the turkey.
I don't have SAD (seasonal affective disorder), where a person gets all depressed from the gloom and doom of Winter.  I actually love rain, and black clouds, and dreariness--no doubt due to spending my formative years under six months of darkness in Alaska.  No, it's that nuclear, burning yellow orb that affects me.
Maybe my brain is subliminally telling my body to slow down, be mindful, acknowledge that another year is soon to end and a brand new year full of the unknown is coming.  Or maybe I just want to hibernate...


  1. Dwaaaaaa the cute of the polar bear...

    Hibernation sounds really good right now...my insomnia and general motivation rallies against that, thus a dichotomy...

    Long and the short, I understand the wanting to be awake and wanting to sleep. It's a blessing and a curse.

    1. I'm bouncing between slogging through the day, dreaming of my wonderful bed...and staring into the deep in the middle of the night. It's a bitch being human...as opposed to being a nice, big bear... ;D