Friday, January 24, 2014

Ah, Friday...

Freakishly warm sunshine is beaming into the living room right now, such a relief after so many days of fog and mist and damp cold.  Course, it reminds me that it won't be too much longer and I'll have to drag out the mower, think about weeds, and mix stinky batches of deer repellent. Plus, why is it so freakishly warm in the middle of Winter? And is it just me or has January flown by faster than normal this year?

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The dogs had their dreaded yearly vet appointment, which went fairly well, other than the ka-ching part. And the fact that one of Ozzy's new heart pills has a side-effect that can mess with his liver.  The vet did some blood work, and sure enough, his levels were too high. So now he's taking a pill to counteract the other pill.  Sigh.

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Wednesday was yet another fubar experience in a seemingly endless series of dental appointments while I try to get my werewolf fang issues taken care of. This has been going on for..oh, I don't know, two years now?  I'd gone in a few weeks ago, had more impressions made, talked in depth to the newest dentist--this makes the sixth one, or maybe the seventh, who's counting anymore.  He's very nice, very helpful, and assures me all with be well, he'll see to it personally.


The lab has made the wrong tooth, with the wrong material, and the wrong fit.  I'm about ready to go serious werewolf and just gnaw someone's head off without the fang.  The dentist is really embarrassed and apologizes profusely, but honestly, it's not his fault so I have to refrain from ripping and shredding.  I have another appointment next week.  I am not hopeful.

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On Thursday I did my least favorite thing: housework.  Though whilst vacuuming and dusting, I had a story unfold in my head.  Later in the day, I made some tea and wrote it out, though I'm letting it sit right now as I mull over a few details, mainly that bit at the end where--oops, sorry. No spoilers...

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I was captivated by the droplets on one of my shrubs this morning so played with the macro setting on my camera.  This isn't a great photo, though I like the colors and that clear droplet, just ready to fall. I also noticed the first daffodil spears are just beginning to rise out of the ground, which is always an encouraging thing.  No matter what we mere mortals say or do, the seasons will continue to roll right over us...

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I went to lunch with Bunny today.  This time she brought her husband, George.  He's one of those irascible old guys who always has ten goofy jokes that make you groan.  He's a very sweet man with a big heart, and for a guy coming up on 90, he's not doing too bad.

Except for today, when his hearing aid kept ringing--like a phone off in the distance. Bunny jabbed him and said loudly, "George, wiggle your ear!" I didn't get it, I was too busy being annoyed at the rude customer who wasn't answering their bloody phone. After several more rings, I finally said, "Can you guys hear that?"  Bunny jabbed George again.  He tugged on his ear.  I stared as the ringing stopped. "That high-pitched ringing is his hearing aid?" Bunny rolled her eyes. "He can't hear the higher decibels so he never notices." George cocked his head. "What?" he asked.

After lunch I went to the post office.  What kind of best friend would I be if I didn't share Fran's mouth-watering Gold Bars?  (There will be no mention that it took me the better part of the week to decide I could let two of them go). I'm not going to say anything to the BFF on Sunday when we talk. I'll let it be a great surprise. And that will be even better than keeping all the bars for myself.

Really.  I mean that...

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