Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Fran's Chocolates

Sunday night I was watching Unique Sweets, a show on the Food Network channel. It's one of my favorite programs and as close to reality TV as I'm ever going to get.  The episode this week was in Seattle and brought back many fond memories, not the least being Fran's Chocolates.  How could I have forgotten Fran's?  The BFF and I used to treat ourselves to these incredible chocolates, relishing every delectable bite.

So.  I'm watching the program, mouth watering when they show how the salted caramels are made; I can taste the flavors of the salt, caramel and chocolate on my tongue.  I remember the heavenly aromas when entering the store, remember standing in front of the display cabinets with the BFF as we debated what wonders to purchase this week. And yeah, sometimes we would go every week.

Now, before you think, dear readers, that we bought a box of chocolates and sat around watching soaps whilst eating bon bons...no, that was definitely not the case.  These are handcrafted works of art.  Expensive and decadent.  We would only buy two each.  We would try to share.  We would also try to wait until we got home.  More often than not we would eat the first piece in the car.

Fran is a real person.  In 1982, while on a trip to Paris, she was inspired by the European passion for flavors and textures.  She came back to Seattle and opened her own shop. Fran is considered the pre-eminent chocolatier in the country and has been credited with starting the whole artisan chocolate renaissance in America.  All I know is each bite is pure bliss.

I dreamt about Fran's Sunday night and woke up hungry.  While walking the dogs yesterday I wonder if Fran's has a website.

Of course they do.

It was difficult, it took some serious thinking, but I managed to select two items.  They were delivered about an hour ago.

Don't these lovely boxes look like they should contain jewelry?  In a way, they do...little edible gems.

Fran's Salt Caramels in the pink box.  I love caramel more than chocolate actually, though combine them and add an exotic salt?  Swoon-worthy...

Gray salt on the dark chocolate, Smoked salt on the light...

In the larger box are the Gold Bars, and they are just that: gold.  Fran's has three varieties; I chose Macadamia and Almond, the other is Coconut.

My theory behind the bars is that I can cut off four pieces--like having four little bites--and the chocolates will last me far longer.  Again, in theory.  

Big chunks of Macadamia nuts, smooth chocolate coating...and just look at all that caramel.  Even the photo is making me drool.

Now I have to decide if I tell the BFF what I've done.  She'll expect me to share. I might have to send her a bar...or two.  Oh decisions, decisions.  I'd better go savor one of the salted caramels whilst I ponder this dilemma...  


  1. Such beautiful packaging! Salted caramels never last long around me ;-)

    1. I really like how different the salts taste, too. The smoked is incredible...