Monday, April 7, 2014

Week of Summer...Ugh

Yes, yes, I know.  Most folks would be reveling in the mid-70* temps, especially later in the week when it's to reach almost 80*.  I am not one of those people.

As I've mentioned before--no doubt more than once--I was born in the middle of the Bering Straits on a small Alaskan island.  I spent my school years and a goodly portion of my adult time in the Pacific Northwest before moving to Scotland. And yeah, though I've sailed the South Pacific, lived in more than one tropical climate, can you see the underlying pattern here, dear readers?  It's the chilly, cold, stormy, loads of rain environment that speaks to me; it's abundantly clear that I am not programmed for heat. The fact I will soon be facing at least six months of sweltering, sweaty, mind-melting humidity and heat almost warps my brain.

I really need to find a little cabin up north, or maybe a beach shanty, igloo.

While outside this morning, trying to figure out what to tackle first in the garden chores, I was most pleased to see the California poppies are starting to bloom on the back slope. Because I had to pull out several of the Snapdragons that didn't make it through the Winter, the backyard looks like a big ol' weed patch right now, except for the startling vibrancy of the poppies. They're so bright, and orange, and cheerful...

Well, break over.  Time to get back outside in the nuclear sunshine and spray my shrubs with the deer repellent before the voracious marauders arrive for dinner.  And pretty soon there will be little Bambi kidlets all over the place too.  I'd really like to save some of my front yard while I still care.

Because once the endless Summer hits, I will lose my will to do anything except lay on the cold kitchen floor, panting with the dogs...


  1. The way you're going on about warmer weather makes me think of the Sebaceans from Farscape and their inability to cope with heat. Do you get heat delirium? ;)

    1. If it means trying not to expire whilst gasping on the kitchen floor for most of the Summer, feverishly imagining ice floes and blizzards, cool rain and chill winds...then, yeah, I pretty much suffer extreme heat delirium... ;D