Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Book, Blooms and a Green Dragon

I haven't watched my Desolation of Smaug movie yet.  As a storm raged across the land yesterday afternoon, I thought I would read a chapter or so in my book before I settled into the film.  I should have known better.  Hours later--between chores, dinner, walking the dogs--I was 337 pages into a monumental 1008 and had to stop before I stayed up all night or went blind, whichever came first.

It's when I read books like this--gripping, mind-boggling, absorbing, perfect--that I waver in my belief I can write.  I know not everyone can be Hemingway or Dan Brown or Lynn Viehl, but damn.  I'd be thrilled at this point to finish a bloody short story, let alone write a plot so intricately convoluted and breathtaking.


Since I was out of town last weekend, I haven't taken the boys to the VA complex for two weeks.  I was amazed at the flowers and shrubs that bloomed in such a short time...


While at my sister's, I bought a few different blends of tea from the same company that makes 500 Mile Chai, my most favorite tea of all time.  I got a tin of Earl Grey made with Italian Bergamot, and one called Green Dragon, an oolong made from mature leaves that are gathered and withered in the sun. Then the leaves are wrapped in tight balls and roasted, re-rolled, re-roasted...until tada...Green Dragon tea:

I wasn't sure what to expect when I opened the tin...but it wasn't this.  I think in most states, I could be arrested for what this looks like.  The big question might be, do I smoke it or drink it?

After steeping for five minutes, the leaves had unfurled and the tea was a lovely, light golden color. I usually drink my tea with milk, but this blend was best by itself.  The flavor was...odd.  It had a grassy fragrance (no pun intended), though tasted a bit toasty with a floral hint, though I can't identify the flower...

This won't be a tea I will drink regularly, but it's interesting enough I'll certainly have a cup now and again when I'm feeling like a pure green.

So, now I'm off to read my mega-novel.  I made myself stop last night around midnight, though the plot swirled in my dreams last night and has been filling my head today. Time to get back to the story.  Thankfully it's still raining and I don't feel compelled to do anything other than read.

My favorite kind of Sunday afternoon...


  1. And the only time I doctor my tea is if I have cha'i, rooibos, or yerba mate. The stuff you got looks kind of like the gunpowder green tea I buy, although, unlike you with your dragon tea, I cannot muse oolong has this be going on? whilst it's steeping.

    1. Holy crap...,maybe I'd better smoke the tea instead of drink it!! ;D