Thursday, April 3, 2014

Holy Jet Li, Batman!

Snake Creeps Down

So.  In the attitude of wellness, getting fit and killing improving myself, I've stepped up my t'ai chi forms.  I used to do the flexibility and strengthening postures, but yesterday I changed it up, adding in martial arts movements.

Can I just say that the lovely sounding 8 Pieces of Brocade is totally excruciating?  Those gentle words seem so...fluid and soft and wispy, don't they?  Ha. Though perhaps my shroud will be fashioned from those 8 pieces, because--with heart racing and sweat dripping--Snake Creeps Down is bar-none the most evil, tormented pose ever invented.  I can hardly move my legs today without groaning.  Okay, I can hardly move my legs with lots of groaning.

This afternoon is the treadmill.

Will crawling on my hands and knees count?


  1. Keep at it, friend. It will start to pay that you'll start to feel more alive and energized ;-)

    1. Have to say, I'm loving the treadmill. The program I'm on right now is called Hill Walking, a great exercise routine--up hill and down dale--and seems to be helping with the t'ai chi leg agony.