Saturday, May 3, 2014

Brain Tricks

I woke up this morning and realized that I'd written about the wrong bird in yesterday's post. Was the error lingering in the back of my mind all along, just waiting to pop into existence in reality, or was it a flash of insight upon waking, or perhaps an obscure neuron snapped into focus during the night?

I talked about seeing an egret's nest.

This is an egret, a bird I have photographed and seen numerous times throughout my life. I know what a bloody egret looks like...

What I saw yesterday at the park was an osprey, yet another bird I am very familiar with:

I had the picture of an osprey in my mind as I blogged yesterday, but somehow between the head and the hand...out came egret.  What I find unsettling, however, is that it took until this morning for my inner librarian to share the mistake with me.

Good thing I'm not in a position to make life or death decisions, isn't it?

The brain.  Such a convoluted instrument of torture, deceit and undermining.  Really, I put in enough effort just to get through the daily grind without my head messing with me too.


  1. This happens to all of us when we're busy and lost in thoughts! Don't worry about it :) It eventually did come to your mind, that's all that counts!

    1. True. It might have taken an entire day, but yeah, my brain did finally kick in! ;D