Tuesday, May 20, 2014

La Familia

Though it was a great weekend, I wish my sister could have stayed longer.  With our two-state distance and busy lives, who knows when we'll get together again.  Ah well, I'll take what I can get and not complain.

As always, she came bearing gifts and not just for Mom's birthday. My very cool moss, twig and leaf basket filled with Verbena...

Then, too cute and very funny considering my voracious reading habits...my new frog prince.  My sister should be a professional gift buyer. She somehow always finds the perfect gift to fit the person, and not just for family.

We had a really good road trip, the weather was just right: not too hot, no rain, beautiful scenery. Driving through the southern landscapes of Oregon is just breathtaking. All you can see in every direction are mountains and valleys covered in forest; myriad colors, hues, shades of green that are indescribable. I would have loved to stop, take some photos, but being the driver navigating the twisty, hairpin curves over five mountain passes made that impossible.

It was good to see Mom, enjoy her birthday, eat lots of delicious food. We fixed some computer issues for her, did a few other little things to make her life a bit easier, and Mom got to hang with the boys, who wiggle and squirm and wag their tails for their Granny.

It was a fun weekend, but before we knew it, it was already time to pack my sister's car yesterday morning for her drive north. It really is true that time flies when you're having fun...

But now, playtime over, I have to spend the next few days hacking my way through the jungle vegetation in the backyard that took advantage when I wasn't looking.  And of course, I can't forget the Decks of Doom nightmare looming on my horizon either; that project has to get done before the scorching heat of Summer begins...

Nuts. I'd rather be playing...


  1. I'm happy to hear you had such an amazing time with your sister and your mom :)
    I'm always amazed when people are capable to always find the perfect gift. The gifts you got are wonderful!

    1. I always love my sister's thoughtfulness in her gifts...though I wish I knew how she does it!! ;D