Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Now, Here's A Weird Thing

For the past month or two--perhaps even longer before I began to really pay attention--whenever I glanced at a clock, it would have the same sequence of numbers.  This started with 11:11.  At first, I ignored it as pure coincidence; I'm often in the kitchen around that time because Ozzy has to take a pill an hour before eating lunch.  But then...when I went grocery shopping, the clock in the car would say the hardware store, 11:11...sitting at the hair salon, my tablet said 11:11.

Then, not only did I keep seeing 11:11, but over the past few weeks I've started to get 2:22, 3:33, 4:44. The weirdness factor has grown exponentially.

So, okay, I began to pay attention. And somewhere, deep in the archives of my mental library, I seemed to recall that this time anomaly thing has a name.  This morning when I woke up and my little clock beside the bed said 5:55, I decided it was time (no pun) to investigate.

Repeating Numbers Phenomenon.  That's what it's actually called.

What I discovered today, along the many avenues I explored in my research, was a plethora of opinion, controversy and inexplicable theories.  Are these cosmic signals from the Universe?  Angels trying to communicate?  Sheer, absolute coincidence?  New Age nonsense?

Numerologists claim the numbers are the key: ones mean new beginnings; twos are the transitions; threes are moving forward toward the goal...and on goes the progression of growth through the numbers.  Very similar to the Minor Arcana in Tarot to my mind.

But there was one point that every source agreed on, whether they were scientific, esoteric or philosophical:  This is a global phenomena; it might not happen to all of us, but it happens everywhere to some of us.  I'm not sure how I feel about being one of the chosen.  On one hand, I might be feeling a bit creeped out, though on the other?  Hey, at least I'm not alone in the surreal.

The last site I read this morning had a bit of advice for those of us who experience the repeating numbers; a positive take on things that also ties in with my own Buddhist/pagan way of thinking:

"It's a reminder to stop, slow down and pay attention.  
Find the quiet within and be aware of the message given."

I can do that.  And hey, dear readers, if I hear anything, I'll let you know...


  1. 11:11 is the second album from Rodrigo y Gabriela. Not as flawless as their first album, but still pretty good. Perhaps the universe is suggesting you pick up, or, if you already have it, to give the album a through listen.

    Here ends my dimestore psychic reading...

    1. Thank you for your insight, Karnak... ;D

  2. The universe (or God, or insert your Higher Power of Preference) likes to throw things at us, I think. Keeps our lives interesting. I was mulling over an issue a few weeks back while I was at the market, and feeling a bit depressed that my inability to work up a logical reason for it (this is also something I've pondered for years.) As I got to my car, I looked at the sedan parked opposite mine, which had a vanity plate on the front bumper -- nose to nose to mine -- that read "You will never know the reason why." Since that isn't a typical plate, and I saw it at that precise moment, I felt like it came directly from the universe. :)

    1. A perfect message from the Universe! Awareness, or the ability to pay attention, is key, I think. Sometimes I get too embroiled in the daily grind to see the bigger picture. Perhaps these numbers really are telling me to slow down...