Friday, May 16, 2014

She's The Short One

My sister will be here in just a few hours, then, after some last-minute birthday shopping later in the afternoon, it's pop the cork time.  We'll enjoy some seriously convoluted girly talk, laugh and eat and drink wine until the bottle runs dry. We don't see each other very often so there's lots of ground to cover...a very thirsty business.

Tomorrow we'll be up early and on the highway headed south to Mom's, with treats, gifts and two excited wee dogs eager for a road trip.  Not sure when we'll be back.  A lost weekend could be in my future.  And yeah, I'm smiling about the possibilities.

With that in mind, dear readers, have a great weekend and maybe get a bit lost yourselves just to see where you end up...


  1. Great photo! There's nothing like a sister roadtrip. I know them well....have a fabulous time ;-)

    1. Thanks! A little sister, beautiful weather and a road is good. ;D

  2. I often call my daughter's godmother, Jezebel, short-fuck, I call almost anyone I know that-but my daughter corrects me;

    "Not short, fun sized!"...

    Have a fun trip and only get lost in the happy ways ;)...