Monday, August 25, 2014

Georgia On My Mind

No matter how many photographs I take of various and sundry things, I always somehow gravitate back to nature; more specifically the glory in flowers.  I channel Georgia O'Keeffe on a regular basis.

This evening, after a blistering day of heat, I was out back taking some shots of my soon-to-be-finished garden.  Although one could be fooled that Summer will never end--what with the lingering and relentless temps--the plants are more clever and are already making seed pods instead of new buds.

So, for a last hurrah of blooming loveliness, in no particular order:

Delphinium --

Dahlia (see the honey bee?) --

Black-eyed Susan --

Cosmos --

Carnation --

Fuchia --

In the deep, dark of Winter, I'll come back to these photos and marvel at the captivating jewels nature bestows on us mere mortals.  And the best part?  I won't be sweating or miserably hot as I wait for the Gates of Hell to slam shut.

Sounds like Nirvana to me...

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