Saturday, August 30, 2014

Almost Over...

Fall Leaves - October 2010

Don't you just love a three-day weekend?  It's even more gratifying when the mini-holiday is Labor Day. September begins on Monday, that glorious, wonderful, I-survived-another-frigging-Summer month that gives me hope for cooler days ahead.

Especially as I've spent most of this past week laying in a sodden heap on the kitchen tiles as the temperatures soared into highs I don't ever want to experience again. One of the days--I can't remember which one as my brain was fried-- it was 114* with a sweat factor on the humidity scale that surely had to rival one of the worst circles in Hell.

I got an email from my neighbor that day.  She was prostrate on her living room floor after a three-hour school shopping excursion with her granddaughter.  She was rambling incoherently about prancing naked down the road whenever she was able to get up again. I reminded her that I always have my camera handy to capture unexpected wildlife moments so she might want to rethink that plan...

Though the weather will continue hot and uncomfortable for weeks more, I can't stop the glimmer of excitement that's starting to take hold. My mind revels in anticipation of brilliant Fall colors; sleeping under warm flannel sheets as the winds howl outside; Irish stew and Kentucky biscuits; storing the lawn mower; snuggling under a cozy blanket on a rainy Sunday with a good book, a dog on each side; making a pot of chili that will simmer all day, filling the house with comfort and ease. Socks.

Oh yeah, peeps.  I truly love a three-day weekend...but not as much as I love that Monday is September 1st...


  1. I'm kind of a fan of the second of that month for no particular reason at all. Just a few short shopping days left ;p...

  2. I'm ready for pinecones and apples myself--the driftwood and seashells seem too pale now. Happy autumn! xo

    1. Pumpkins and falling leaves, homemade soup and that perfect smell of Fall in the air...sigh...
      Happy Autumn to you, too...hope all is well.