Monday, August 11, 2014

I'll Take What I Can Get...

Yesterday.  Clear skies.  Supermoon.  Camera ready.

I'm out back watering the garden, thoughts meandering, settling on nothing in particular. The sun has set by the time I'm rolling up the hose, the air colored with shades of pink and orange and yellow, across the valley the mountains are turning blue and purple in the gathering dark.

Here, let me show you...

I'm taking some photos, thinking how lovely the colors are against the clouds from the setting sun...



Shit!  Clouds!!

No no no.  There haven't been clouds for days and now they show up when there's a Supermoon rising?

About every half hour or so I went outside, hoping the clouds would break, but the most I managed to see was an occasional indistinct glow.  I was really disappointed, though somewhat sort of not really consoled myself with the half moon shot I took last week.

Later, close to midnight, as I was walking across the dark living room on my way to bed, this silvery beam of light suddenly crossed my path from one of the skylights.

I hurried out to the front deck with my camera, but damn the moon was already hidden. Still, the ethereal glow from the clouds was beautiful and I stood there for a bit admiring the monochrome effect in a world usually filled with color. Then, just as I was turning to go back into the house, the moon graced me with this--in a perfect, brief moment--before disappearing into a dark band of clouds.

So, I might not have been able to howl at the moon, dance in the moonlight or get the photograph I wanted.  But I did get an unexpected moon blessing, and that totally works for me...


  1. I refer to the moon like the one in your photograph as a ghost moon. Something wacky always seems to happen on ghost moon nights.

    1. I can see why you would say ghost moon, for sure. Had it been cold and blustery, instead of hot and muggy, it would have been a perfect Halloween moon, too...

  2. I think the clouds definitely add to the beauty and give the moon a veil of sorts :)

    1. It's like a great sunset: you need the clouds for the special FX... ;D