Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Musings...

It's 74 degrees right now.  In mid-January.  Have I fallen into a black hole?  Has the earth shifted on its axis and I'm now living in the southern hemisphere?  How can it possibly be okay that in the dead of Winter, it feels like an early Summer's day? Worse, what does this mean for the heat and humidity and the Gates of Hell effect when it really is Summer?

I'm contemplating entering the ArtWorks Northwest Photography show again this year, though I don't have a lot of truly good photos this time around so I'm still waffling on the decision. Yesterday I went through my photo program, looking over the last two years (criteria for the show) and only found three possible choices that I thought were semi-worthy.  However, in the process of sifting through folder after folder, I realized something: I have shots of thick ice, heavy snow, dangerous icicle spears, trees bent with snowfall...all from typical January weather these past two years.

So why is it 74 degrees this year?  Why am I thinking I shouldn't have put my Hawaiian shirts away? Will the drought never end in this part of the world?

We're going to hell in a hand basket, peeps, no lie.


I'm in the middle of trying to find a new kitchen floor.  Mine is old and crappy...and definitely needs to be replaced.  I had a guy come last Friday to give me an estimate on the job that I thought was reasonable, though I will have to factor in the cost of the floor tile to the overall total expense.  So now, my job is to find the right stuff and still keep the cost down.  I went to Lowe's on Wednesday and wandered aimlessly, disappointed in their selection.  I started to change my mind about the whole project and called the tile guy to tell him so.  He convinced me to go to Home Depot as they apparently have a wider choice of colors and materials.  We'll see.


Also Wednesday, while at Lowe's, I bought a new plantation blind for the front door.  Half of the door is glass, which at night really bothers me.  Living on a mountain with no street lights makes for a very dark experience and I don't like the exposure, so a few years back I hung a basic (okay, cheap) Venetian blind over the "window" portion of the door. It worked just fine until last week when the pull cord shredded. You get what you pay for. But then, as luck would have it, I found a much better blind that actually matches all the others in the great room and it was on sale.  Installation to commence this weekend.  I think.


I'm suffering from a book hangover at the moment.  I was on a roll for a few weeks, but now, no matter what book I pick up to read, nothing is grabbing me.  When I have to make myself continue reading, I know the story isn't going to work.  Course, it doesn't help that I spent last weekend reading some great stuff.  I find it difficult sometimes to move into a new world when the old one still has its hooks in my mind.


Okay, that's enough blather.  I'm going now as it's about time for a cuppa before I take the boys for an afternoon walk.  Have a great weekend everyone...

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