Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Lost In A Fog

I spent most of the weekend and yesterday in Louisiana...metaphorically.  I read the first book in a trilogy earlier in the week, which was good enough that I downloaded the second book, and although I had plans on Monday, I got lost in the third book, ignored my To Do list and finished the series. The writing was so well done, whenever I looked up from the story, I blinked in confusion that I was enveloped in a damp, cold fog instead of breathing in the humid heat of a Louisiana bayou.

And it wasn't just me that got lost yesterday.  I couldn't get the dogs to motivate at all.  I was worried about Ozzy who wouldn't even get out of his bed in the morning. Eventually I picked him up and made him come into the living room, where he promptly jumped on the couch, burrowed into the throw and went right back to sleep.  He didn't eat breakfast, nibbled on lunch, then flopped down and napped the day away.  Max, always up for food, ate his meals, but then immediately jumped onto my reading chair and conked out. He slept most of the day, too.  It was weird.  Quiet, wonderful...but weird.

So today--again visibility zero--I was up early, determined to get everyone back into the world, regardless of a fog that appears narcoleptic.  Unnecessary as it turned out. Ozzy ate his breakfast like he was starved, and both dogs leaped out of the car for walkies when we got to the park like puppies.  They're back to normal now as if yesterday never happened.  Go figure.

Then I went grocery shopping.  And had three separate conversations--two with fellow shoppers, one with the cashier--and all three had different variations on the same theme: nobody had an ounce of motivation yesterday. I told the girl at the register that Monday had definitely been a "call in sick" day. She smiled and said that's exactly what she did.

I don't know if it was an insidious malaise, or the debilitating fog, or just a Monday, but I can't really say I minded.  Any day I can shut out the world and escape into a book is a good day to me.  Odd though, it wasn't just me or the folks I spoke to, the dogs felt it too. <<insert Twilight Zone music>>

One very happy surprise...when I came out of the store, the sun was shining, there were deep blue skies overhead and the fog was gone!!  It was so unexpected, I actually stood in the parking lot and stared as a weight seemed to lift off my shoulders.

Strange, how heavy fog can be...


  1. Apparently, yesterday down in Denver, four-thousand vertical lower, it was foggy and cold whilst we had the sun and mid-thirties, which is downright balmy in January. Today flurries and tomorrow sun again. Storms next week. Ah, the Rockies.

    Glad your dog ate, by the way. Always a good sign.

    1. It's been a peculiar Winter here, so far. Fog doesn't help with the drought.

      I'm glad too...truly. Not ready for the alternative.