Saturday, January 3, 2015

View From A Saturday

After some bitterly cold and frosty days, the fog is back in my part of the world. Chilly, damp, with hints of ice in the tiny droplets that stick to dog fur and wet boots, eyelashes and mittens.

Five minutes ago, off the back deck...

It's an eerie feeling some days, to float above the void, though truly, I love the solitude, the quiet in the fog as it absorbs light and noise and birdsong and sight.

A perfect day to read, to get lost in another world with no distractions from this one; a good day to meditate, eyes focused on nothing in the silence; a day to fill the house with the scent of Italy as sauce simmers in the crock pot.

First weekend in the new year...and it's just fine by me.


  1. Funny...I'm making puttanessca-whore pasta-for supper. Today makes five years my mother is gone. I too meditate, listening to Miles Davis, the Beatles, and the Stones with a nice glass of whiskey. It's snowing.

    Fine by me too ;)...

    1. There's comfort in the simple things--food, music, whiskey, a good book...memories.