Monday, October 24, 2011

The Quest

I've just returned from 8 days in Edinburgh, following my quest to find my way after Alan.  I'm starting this new blog because the other one is so wrapped up in our life together I just can't write there anymore, and I really miss my blog writing. 

So, this will be a beginnning, an exploration, a search for a path where just my feet will leave prints.   Hopefully, as time goes by, I will find some peace, some answers, and maybe just a bit more wisdom.

While in Scotland, I bought a book at Anthropologie--an amazingly cool store--by Victoria Alexander, an Aussie.  It's called One and was just exactly the perfect book, not just for my long, lonely jet-lagged nights for something to read, but because of her words.  (My sister said that strange things come your way when you're grieving: people, messages, objects, support.  She's right.) 

It's a beautiful book--almost a work of art--and filled with fabulous photographs Victoria has taken from her travels all over the world.  Her message however is about being a One and being okay with fact loving it.  I'm so not at that stage by any means, but I could really appreciate her thoughts, photos and ideas for achieving such a life.

And oddly,  of all the wonderful objects, clothes, and books in the shop that day, this one caught my attention for some reason.  It was way up on a shelf, not easily reached, and I have no idea why it called to me...but I'm very glad it did.

I am going to attempt NaNo again this year--see my new widget and word counter over there on the right.  I loved winning in 2009, and came so close last November, that I must try again for 2011.  Besides, it's crazy fun and keeps my mind occupied when my thoughts/sorrows overwhelm me.

Well, as I am terribly sick, from some plague that was recycling on the airplane while flying home, I must go lie down for a nap before I keel over.  Stay tuned.  With any luck I'll be back...

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