Thursday, October 27, 2011

Words from my journey...

I was paging through my travel journal this morning, comparing my day today with what I was doing last Thursday (coming back to America already) with the Thursday before (when I was just two days into being "home" in Edinburgh).

Thought it would be interesting to share.  Everything in italics is taken verbatim from the book...


Oct 11, 2011

And so it begins.  Sitting @ PDX, 7:45am, waiting to board Continental for flight to Newark, then on to Edinburgh.  So much (too much??) riding on this journey.  If nothing else becomes clear to me, I hope know leaving the house/Roseburg will be the ONE thing that does.

The machinations to return to Edin seem insurmountable, though who knows how much help and/or conviction I might have were that plan to be "the one??"  Still.  Right this minute, in this place, it seems more than daunting to realize how much I will have to do if I decide to live there again.

Nearly time to board...the journey begins...
5:20pm Newark airport.

Fairly good flight from Portland.  Left on time, got here early, around 3:00-ish NY time.  Cat meow'd nearly the whole way from 1st Class section, but overall, the time went pretty fast.  Now the longer leg begins, from here to Edinburgh, tho' with any luck I'll be able to sleep at least part of the way.

Read the new Stephen King short story "Mile 81" on my Kindle and
Interrupted--have no memory why I stopped writing above!!
Had dinner at a diner-type restaurant, wandered all over the international section of airport, finally found a quiet area where I could put my feet up and just watch people.  Left NY @ 8:00pm for Scotland.


My words might have seemed so calm, and even casual, but I was nervous, and excited, and scared, and felt so alone without Alan beside me.

It's so interesting when we start any journey: the unknown is before us; anything can happen; the possibilities are endless.  All I can say is, the Terri who left America, and the one who came back 9 days later were two very different women.  And thankfully, that's a good thing.

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