Friday, May 11, 2012

In the Moment...La Mia Famiglia

I'm getting bored with the In the Moment header.  Let's just figure every post starts with that and call it good.  And yes, I'm still determined to follow through until the end of May.  Except for maybe not this weekend as the Mother Ship and my sister are due shortly for a wine-fueled gathering of the female portion of the clan.  

I'm making Cornish pasties for dinner tonight--a delicious treat I haven't made since Edinburgh--then Saturday night will be a combo celebration of Mother's Day and Mom's birthday so my sister and I are making Pasta Primavera with pancetta and asparagus, with a loaf of sourdough bread baked by the Trappist monks who live out in the valley, and a nice (big) bottle of Lambrusco.  I made a carrot cake this morning (hey, it's healthy with all those carrots!!), so between the wine, women and, I plan on having a great weekend.  It will be so nice to have people around for a change rather than just the boys.  No offense guys, but really.

The weather is supposed to be hot and sunny all weekend, and we have lots of plans for spending our time, other than drinking wine.  But now I have one more chore to take care of before they arrive--mowing that frigging lawn again--so in order to totally enjoy myself once they get here, I'd best get it done.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there...past, present and future.

(BTW:  The Iris is from my front garden.)


  1. Oh, this does sound like a dream of a Mother's Day! I miss mine so, but it's too far to travel at the moment.


    1. Thanks! I spent many years living abroad, so it's a real treat to even see my Mom, let alone celebrate her day.

      Hope yours is good, too--regardless of circumstance.