Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Green Memories

Last night as the sun began to set behind a thick bank of clouds, I noticed an odd misty glow in the valley.  I went outside on the back deck for a better look.  The light, the green, the feel of what I was seeing reminded me so much of Ireland.

Though Scotland holds my heart, I also have a little place in there just for the Emerald Isle.  While Scotland is beautiful, wild and fierce, conjuring kilts and bloody broadswords, Ireland has always seemed softer to me, a land of the Fae, and leprechauns, and the bright, lucky green of shamrocks.

I took a few photos of the valley and the intense illumination of the different greens shimmering in the misty light...

If there had been fences made of stone, dividing the landscape below, I would have thought it a wonder that I had stepped out onto my back deck and travelled to another land...


  1. Amazing what the cast of light can do to vantage point.

    1. Truly. All the rain with a bit of warmth helped, too; the mist seemed to enhance the green.