Tuesday, April 30, 2013

This and That

The weather is expected to rise into the high 80s starting tomorrow, possibly reaching 90* by Saturday.  I can't tell you, dear readers, how that upsets me.  I am not a 90s kind of woman in the first place, but it's much, much too early for that kind of heat.

Because of the imminent apocalypse nuclear meltdown scorching, I have been feverishly trying to get the backyard sorted.  It will be way too hot to be out in the blazing sun working on the slope after today, so it's definitely been a now-or-never scenario this week.

But finally, this afternoon, I think I see the light--no, not that light, though compared to endless work, weeding and digging, I might be ready for that one.  I hope to get the last of the wildflowers planted tomorrow morning, then I'm taking a break.  Which just means I'll be switching from outside work to the inside chores that I have neglected for...um, never mind, forget I even brought it up.


I'm looking forward to May tomorrow.  I've always liked May.  It's such a...I don't know, new beginnings kind of month, with Winter pretty much a distant memory and warm, sunny weather ahead.

On May 1st, when I was a really little kid, we used to make these small cones out of construction paper, glue on paper handles, pick any kind of flowers we could find--mostly dandelion and other weeds, I'm sure--then we would run around the neighborhood, hang them on front doorknobs, ring the bell...and run like mad.  It was wildly fun.

In the UK they still do May Pole dances and there will be many celebrations for Beltane tomorrow. In Edinburgh, crowds of people climb Arthur's Seat before dawn, waiting to be bathed in the first light of morning.  It's a very wonderful pagan ceremony.


Here's a peculiar, though totally cool thing as it turns out.

A few weeks ago I was talking to the BFF and mentioned to her that I thought I had suddenly developed hay fever or an allergy because lately, when I wake up in the mornings, my nose is stuffy and my throat is dry.  She laughs and tells me I'm snoring.  Huh.  As far as I know, only the dogs snore, but I have no way to argue the point since snoring is like that tree in the forest analogy, isn't it.

After we laugh about the various ways I can attempt to hear myself snore, she says I should try those breathing strips you stick on your nose.  More laughter as I add the strips to my growing list of reasons why I will have to remain alone for the rest of my days.

Fast forward a bit.  I'm grocery shopping and by pure happenstance, end up walking down the aisle with the nose things.  I stop, ponder, read the box, then decide to try it.  Why not, right?  I toss a little box of ten into my cart.  Later, I get home and put the box in a drawer in the bathroom and promptly forget all about them.

Until one night I wake up and my nose is so stuffy, I can barely breathe.  Light bulb moment.  I dig out the strips.  And let me say, wow, just totally wow.  Instant gratification.  I stuck that puppy across the bridge of my nose and immediately I can breathe.  It's like I have a brand new nose.  One that actually works.

The next morning, not only did I wake up without a clogged nose, but I actually slept really well, which is a miracle in itself since I suffer from evil twin syndrome insomnia.

The only defect I've found with this amazing invention:  It rips off the top twelve layers of epidermis when it's removed.  Still.  All things considered?  A small price to pay to breathe...


  1. May seems to be one of those times of transitions. Endings and beginnings; my x-wife left with my daughter the start of May, and, seventeen years later, my daughter will be graduating at the end of that month, starting into the real world. Up here, everyone's getting ready for the summer tourists and hoping for a good season. It helps us survive the lean times of deep winter.

    Whilst warm after cold spells is great, I do not envy you your nineties. That's just cruelty. Luck in surviving it.

    1. The hard part is going from 0 to 60 with no time to thin the blood from Winter to Summer. Monday it was 64 during the day and 36 at night. Now it's suddenly headed to 90*?? Ugh...too say nothing of very worrying. Global Weirding anyone...??

  2. Gorgeous and mild in Toronto today. Loving it. I try not to think about global warming...well, I do worry about It and do my best to leave a very faint footprint on the planet. I'm just thankful for the sun today. Make yourself a pitcher of lemonade to help cool down.

    1. Only mildly intense today, more heat coming though. Lemonade sounds good...as does Sun tea. In the summer. Not the first of May.