Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Bits and Bobs

I spent a bit of time yesterday making bookplates for the BookCrossing deal.  My mother gave me this little fairy for my birthday eons ago.  She has wild, wire hair, luminescent wings and reads a copper book; she has been a fixture on many a bookcase over the years.  When thinking about a design, I thought my book fairy was a perfect choice.
What I didn't realize was that when making your own plates, they are printed by BookCrossing with all the pertinent info, then are mailed to you.  (Basic, free plates can be printed right from the site, by the way).  So, I ordered 12 of my design, and am waiting impatiently for them to arrive so I can send off my book...even though I still haven't figured out where I'm going to set it free.
The vet called me this morning at the crack of dawn, literally.  The phone woke me out of a sound sleep--and doesn't that figure?  I never sleep soundly.  He was very cheerful while I pretended I'd been up for hours and he hadn't jarred me awake.  I think he was just so pleased to give me some good news, he couldn't wait for the frigging sun to rise.
The lab results came back from Max's toe and it was not cancerous, but some kind of [insert long unpronounceable scientific name here] wart.  At first I was really concerned his toe was hacked off for no reason, but the vet said this kind of wart needs to be removed and even cut out properly will grow back anyway, causing more problems.  So, it was good to take the whole toe and just be done with it.  And most excellent news that it wasn't the precursor to further tumor-ish issues.
The temperature is soaring this week.  It's heading towards 90* today and you know, dear readers, what that means to a kid born in Alaska, followed by a goodly portion of time spent in Seattle, then many a long year in Scotland:  I am not a hot weather chicklet.  It sucks that if I want to get any work done, I have to do it before Noon, and when I take the boys down the mountain for their walk, I have to bring them home, then go back down to grocery shop or run other errands--like this morning--because it's too hot for them to be in the Blazer.
I really need to figure out how to get myself a little cabin somewhere.  Like at the coast...along the Bering Sea.
I'm going to work on the next installment of the serial this afternoon, unless my brain melts from the heat.  There are a couple twists coming, and I need to get all the players on the field, but I don't want to rush it.  I'm discovering the difficult thing about writing this serial is that once posted, that's it, I can't go back and change things if I screw up or want to write something different.  So, I'm trying to keep up the momentum, follow my mental script, pay attention to what the characters are saying, and be okay with the story as it unfolds.

And on that note, I'm off to do some unfolding...

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