Thursday, August 22, 2013

Week 34 of the 52s...Deathmage

Over on the left margin, and down a bit, I have a section of links called Keep Up.  These are my daily blog reads...or as daily as the writers post them anyway.

One link is Lynn Viehl's site, Paperback Writer.  A best-selling author, Lynn has just published her 50th book.  I've been following her for quite awhile and have read most of her books, but lately my focus has been on the first part of her new steampunk series, Disenchanted & Co.

Part One, Her Ladyship's Curse, finally arrived August 12th.  I downloaded it to my Kindle, cleared the deck--no chores or interference allowed--and read the entire day until I finished--at a blasted cliff-hanger ending!

I commented on Lynn's blog about how much I loved the story--which takes place in an alternate America after losing the War of Independence to the Brits.  I might have grumbled a wee bit about having to wait until October for the second part, His Lordship Possessed.  I'm seriously drooling over bad boy, Lucien Dredmore: Long-haired, handsome, hot...and a legal assassin called a deathmage.

Another thing Lynn does on her site is have these great giveaways.  I actually have won a few and it's totally fun.

So, yesterday afternoon, just as I sat down to work on the serial, the FedEx guy roars up the drive and hands me a box.  Yay!  It's my giveaway win from last week, though I wonder why the box is a bit big since I'd won some Victorian-style jewelry.

Holy Hyperventilation, Batman! 

I'm calling this is a week in the 52s because of the excitement, the fun, the new experience--everything one of my weeks should be:

My signed, bound, print galley...

I couldn't believe it.  I mean, I totally couldn't believe it.  I'm pretty sure I yelled, hopped around, maybe even did an appalling victory dance of some kind...the details are a bit sketchy really, though I still had the presence of mind to send a gushing email of thanks to Lynn for the great surprise tucked in with the cool jewelry. 

Then I plopped right down and started reading.

I forgot about writing the serial, didn't water the garden, neglected the laundry.  And I didn't raise my head again until I got about halfway in, right to the part where Lucien is taken by--  No.  Not telling.  But I had to stop there because things just don't look good at the moment for the deathmage and I'm not sure how it's going to play out.

Which means this is a most excellent story...and a perfect choice for a week in the 52s.

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