Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I have always been compellingly drawn to the moon.  Many nights in my childhood I would gaze through my father's binoculars, trying to hold still enough to see the craters and shadows.  When I was a bit older, I had a telescope; older still I've been to three observatories and marveled anew at the beauty and wonder of this incredible glowing ball in space.  I've planted by the moon's cycles, cast spells and made promises under full moons.  I have moon photographs taken from around the globe.
Does that make me obsessed?  Perhaps.  Though being born just before midnight on the night of a full moon might have something to do with it.
Last night, as the boys and I were walking back from the mailbox, I saw the moon just cresting the mountains.  I brought the dogs in, gave them their cookies, grabbed the camera and went back outside and across the road.
View through the Halloween tree...

This is better, closer, though not exactly the shot I was looking for...

Ah.  This is more like it...

(Clicking on the photo shows the surface--craters and shadows and mysteries, oh my...)

If I lived near an enchanted meadow instead of on top of a mountain, I would dance in the moonlight with wild abandon...and count myself blessed indeed.


  1. Henry Rollins wrote a lovely piece about the moon. I had an acquaintance whom we'd phone each other about seeing the moon once upon a time. It's amazing, an alien world, so close for us to gaze upon.

    1. I have three skylights in the main part of the house. Last night, after shutting off all the lights on my way to bed, the entire room was illuminated with a magical, silvery glow...