Thursday, August 1, 2013


I was reading something the other day that put a name to a mental exercise I've done for years.  I even blogged about it here nearly two years ago.

It's called flashbulb memory, a complete recall of sight, sound, smell, touch.  What a great phrase, evoking a big, clunky old-time camera that would have needed flashbulbs.  I can especially appreciate it since I taught myself how to take these brain pictures, usually because some of the coolest things that happened in my travels were usually ones where I didn't have my camera and had to rely on memory.

This technique also started me on the path of mindfulness and living in the moment and paying attention.  Who knew it had a name?

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After waiting for weeks, the sinew for my basket arrived yesterday.  And it's the wrong bloody color.  Seriously, how hard is it to order "natural."  Basic, creamy, natural.  The first order was dark brown, now this one is bright yellow.  Damnation.

So, this morning after walking the dogs, I drove to Michael's though I've been told by more than one person that they don't carry sinew.  Still.  I wanted to see for myself before I have to ditch my half-completed basket and start a new one with a different colored stitching.

I found a tiny little roll of what--yet again--is called natural.  And isn't.  It's marginally closer to the raffia-like straw color used in my basket, and though it's still too dark, I'm going to use it anyway.

The wee roll in the middle is Michael's version.  Not only is the color off, but I can only hope there will actually be enough to finish the basket.  And honestly, do any of them look even remotely close to "natural?"  Buggers.

While I was wandering in the store, I came across an aisle of beads and stones.  It was like an Aladdin's cave of colors from all over the world.  I couldn't believe the variety of choice and spent far too long drooling admiring.  I finally found the sinew, then took one more pass down the bead/stone aisle...and okay, what can I say, I succumbed.

I have a large craft cupboard--well, gigantic bookcase really--filled with tools and beads and wire and bits and bobs of miscellaneous bounty.  After buying two strands of Chinese Rainbow Jasper (irresistible, believe me), I came home and pulled out the stuff I needed to make myself a bracelet.

It's so easy, if you have the proper equipment, to make something that would cost far more and not be made as well. 

My new rainbow bracelet...

So, at the moment my basket making isn't quite going according to plan, but at least I've got a cool new bracelet. 

And a new phrase for the vivid pictures and memories I've stored over the years in my mental photo gallery.

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