Sunday, August 4, 2013

Blogger Bugs

I've been trying, off and on all day, to post a photo on the Shot of the Week page.  It has been spectacularly unsuccessful, as has any help from the frigging Support Desk to explain why I can't save my post. 

Some days I would love to kick Blogger in the butt and go elsewhere.  Several times a year I get all riled up, spend a day researching other options, decide--for all it's faults--Blogger is easier than just about anything out there...and I give up and stay.

Though, I came so-o-o-o close to jumping ship today.  And yet, here I am.  I still haven't resolved the problem, but it's getting late, I'm cranky, and like Scarlett: tomorrow is another day.

Instead, I will post my shot here.  Pretend it's on the right page...

Monday, July 29, Sunset

The last clear photo of the valley, taken from my back deck, before smoke obliterated the view of the mountains, polluted the air so every breath is tainted, while fire is destroying the forests faster than I can type this.  It's been a truly bad summer.

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