Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Sunday Reflection...

I'm taking the day off--from writing, thinking, lists and pondering whatever lies ahead in the coming week.  I've got a new book to read, chores are done, dogs are napping.  My sun tea--chai this time--is and refreshing on a very hot Summer afternoon.

So, why am I posting right now when I could be reading?

A few minutes ago I was rolling up the hose after watering the back garden when the hawk swooped down for a drink in the new bird bath.  Apparently he really likes the larger pool of water.  I got my camera and took a couple photos, though he's become such a regular these days the excitement factor has waned a bit.

Except. Once I'd downloaded the photos, I got a good look at something I hadn't noticed whilst snapping the shots.

How utterly pleased I am to not be on this guy's rader.  Click on the photo and check out those claws.  Raptor--of the dinosaur variety--comes to mind.


  1. Well, there is that whole school of thought that avians are what dinosaurs became...

    1. Wait...isn't it the other way around? Birds came from dinosaurs? It's hot...I could be confused... ;D

    2.'re right. Stupid learning disability. Either that or my wording was garbled.