Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Testing 1-2-3...

I got a new lens for my camera this weekend. I'm not sure I like it...seems like too much effort to get the macro shots I wanted.  And honestly, I'm still not sure it's any better than the lens I already had. Hopefully, familiarity and practice will make a difference.

There was a huge windstorm that raged through the area on Saturday, and a big tree across the road crashed. It was old, had splits and rents and scars, but still.  Now there's a large gap in the oak grove, though I suppose that's the way of it.  Open up space to give a younger tree a chance...

I took some flower shots in the back garden this evening to test my new lens. They're not terrible, considering I'm still getting used to it, but I really expected better.  Maybe I'm being too picky...time will tell, I guess.

I was just stepping back into the house when I heard the whirr of wings from my resident hummingbird. I turned, barely had time to focus, and caught him just before he darted away again. See him?  He's right under the coconut basket, between the two big white pots.

I'm hoping to find a block of time to sit and write on my story this week, but I'm definitely not planning on anything--not after last week's fiasco. I'm still wearing Band-aids on my toe and finger.

That's about it for my week so far.  Ho hum, right?  Yeah, I agree.  Talked to the BFF on Sunday and we're tossing around some ideas for an adventure later in the Summer.  I could really use one...


  1. If these were taken with your new lens, then it's a dandy!! Wow those look like some severe storms. Glad you made it unscathed!

    1. It is a great lens, so I think it will just be a matter of getting used to it. And yeah, the storm was pretty wild and crazy for a few days, Saturday especially. Even so, I was surprised to see the tree had fallen.

  2. I love your flower shots, Terlee.
    This lens is totally working for you ;-)

    1. Practice, practice, practice... ;D