Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Bits and Bobs

Here's a thing.  Muggles really aren't non-magical Harry Potter folks.  Nope.  They are people just like me who live near the flaming Gates of Hell where muggy, humid air saps energy, melts thought processes and makes it impossible to take a decent breath of fresh air.  I am officially a muggle.

It's just 8:00pm, I'm doing nothing more than sitting at the laptop typing and sweat is running down my temples, my thinnest Hawaiian shirt is stuck to my back, the dogs are sprawled in panting misery on the kitchen floor.

Woo hoo.  Happy days of Summer in southern Oregon.


Weeks ago, when my sister was visiting, I did my usual epic housecleaning.  In the frenzy, I tossed my origami project in the study closet out of the way--removing it from the dining room table where it's a constant reminder and I can make a bird whenever the mood strikes...

However, the out of sight, out of mind thing is really true.  Yesterday I was thinking about changing my Ponder quote when I suddenly noticed the Crane Project box below it. Holy crap. Not only did I totally forget about the origami in the closet, but now I'm like 500 cranes behind schedule!  And what's up with being so used to something, you actually don't see it anymore?

I'm sure there's a moral in there somewhere.

So this afternoon I sat down and did 40 half-folds and 22 cranes. Tomorrow I will finish the remaining 18, taking my grand total to a whopping 200 birds.  But hey, no problem.  Just means I have to crank out 800 more by the end of the year.

Uh huh.


This weekend is the annual City Arts Festival at the park where I walk the dogs. I'm thinking of going on Friday, mainly because it's supposed to be cooler and the real crowds won't show until Saturday; also want to test the new camera lens on different scenarios. And okay...yeah, the food court vendors look really good this year.


Can you believe it's the 4th of July next week, peeps???  Seriously, how did that happen? As always, I will spend the days before and after trying to calm two little dogs who think the world is coming to an end.  Buggers...


  1. It is kind of shocking the Forth is coming so soon. Melodrama, the ice cream social, and margarita party for us. Try Rescue Remedy on your pups, it might help mitigate their nerves. My mother would use it on some of her dogs who didn't like traveling for shows and I've heard of it being used on show horses.

    1. Being on the ridge means fireworks echoing up from both valleys--twice the fun! Not. Thanks for the Rescue idea...

  2. We live far enough away from the cities to keep our dogs from going nuts over fireworks on the Fourth, but someone in the neighborhood usually pops off a few of the little ones. We refrain from taking the pups outside for the night except for the necessity walks, and usually watch a movie so we can sit with them for the duration. Skye usually huddles next to me, trembling with nerves all night, while Cole patrols the house and barks at every sound no matter what we do. I hate seeing them so stressed, so I might try Robbie's suggestion too.