Friday, June 13, 2014

I'll Always Choose The Moon...

From my front porch - August 2013

"There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls"
~~ George Carlin

And that might happen tonight, what with it being a rare full moon on Friday the 13th. The possibilities are endless for chaos and mayhem...and for exceptional moon watching.

Except where I am.  For the first time in days, it's raining.  I'm torn on this one. I love the rain; this drought-stricken part of Oregon needs the rain; rain is good.  But it had to come today?  Just another one of life's little ironies. I do hope the rest of you, dear readers, will take the opportunity to step outside tonight and gaze at the poetic beauty overhead. It far surpasses the nuclear cruelty of that other orb.


I'm making a major change in the living area today.  Well, I'm not actually doing it, the window guy is, but it should--fingers crossed--help with my never-ending attempts to keep the temperatures cooler in the house than the surface of Venus during the hot Summer months.

I'll take photos and explain tomorrow--the guy has just pulled into my drive...


  1. If I had a better camera I'd totally get a photograph for you this evening. You could then legitimately say I mooned you.

    1. HahHAHAhhhaaa... Dammit, nearly spewed wine out my nose!! Nothing like a great laugh to start off my weekend. Thanks for that... ;D

  2. Glorious shot of the moon, Terlee. You captured it perfectly...

    1. Thanks...just wish I could have seen the one last night, but alas, it stayed totally cloudy.